Interview With an ArtPrize Finalist: Andy Sacksteder

Andy Sacksteder - An ArtPrize Finalist
Andy Sacksteder – An ArtPrize Finalist

Round 1 of the ArtPrize Seven popular vote is out and there are 20 finalists hoping their piece snags the top prize!

Andy Sacksteder took some time to talk to Wyoming Now Kentwood Now about his piece REACH and SPLASH and experience with ArtPrize.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your name and where you’re from, and your piece you have here at ArtPrize.

My name is Andy Sacksteder and I’m from Port Clinton, Ohio. My piece is called REACH and SPLASH and it’s a tribute to youth and spontaneity.

REACH and SPLASH by Andy Sacksteder
REACH and SPLASH by Andy Sacksteder

How long did it take you to finish ‘Reach and Splash’?

For me to sculpt it into clay, it took about 8 months. After that I took it to a foundry to cast it into bronze. That process takes another 4 – 4 1/2 months.

What is the best part of seeing your work displayed here at ArtPrize Seven?

The best part is that so many people get to see and enjoy it. It’s also great hearing all the feedback from the people taking in the art here in Grand Rapids.

What is some of the feedback that you receive?

Being in the water really helps, it brings the piece to life. That brings a little more attention than maybe it would otherwise. So far, it’s still early, but all of the feedback has been positive!

Is this your first year at ArtPrize?

No, this is my third year at ArtPrize. Two years ago I was lucky enough to win a prize. Because of that, I had to skip last year. I was right here at the Ford Museum with my last two ArtPrize pieces as well.

Uplifting by Andy Sacksteder
Uplifting by Andy Sacksteder

What was your last piece of art here at ArtPrize?

The piece was called ‘Uplifting.’ It was a Native American man lifting up a Native American woman and they had water coming up through them and running over them.

So, will you be here the entire duration of ArtPrize?

I am. I’ll be here the whole time. It’s such a good time to connect with the people, and if the people connect with you, then they connect with your art a lot faster.

One last question, are you an artist by trade?

No, actually, I didn’t start sculpting until I was 52 and I just taught myself!

Andy’s piece can be seen at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. You can vote for his piece here.