Ideal Park Restoration Plan Update

Ideal Park Planning mtg
Ideal Park residents came to the meeting in January to give their input on the restoration plans.


The Ideal Park restoration plan was passed by the Wyoming City Council during Monday night’s meeting.

Now that the plan has been passed,  Wyoming’s Director of Community Service Rebecca Rynbrandt said in a statement that they do have to take additional steps in order for the process to be finalized.

“Our next steps will be to amend the City’s 5-year Community Recreation Plan, incorporating the newly approved Ideal Park plan for the State of Michigan and begin writing grants,” Rynbrandt said. “We plan on doing tree planting this spring and fall, and continuing to perform remnant clean up yet this spring. Construction of the primary park plan will occur after we obtain funding.”

Overall, residents want to ensure that the park’s historic elements remain intact throughout its restoration.

Proposed restoration by P.M. Blough Incorporated.
Proposed restoration by P.M. Blough Incorporated.