How to Shop the Meijer 10 for 10 Sale

penny_pincherYou’ve probably seen it often enough – The Meijer buy 10 for $10 and get the 11th item FREE sale. Here are some tips on how to use it to your best advantage:

Mix & Match. You do not have to buy 11 of the same thing for the sale to be valid. Everything that is part of the 10 for $10 and 11th free sale can be mixed and matched.

Buy in multiples of 11. You will find yourself counting constantly, but it’s worth it to make sure it’s right and you get that last freebie.

Keep in mind that many items are priced for a $1.00 every day at Meijer. Some of these items are NOT included in the 10 for 10 sale. So be sure to watch the tags. Just because it’s a $1.00, doesn’t always mean that it is part of the 10 for 10 sale!

Date: The 10 for 10 sales always happen monthly, in the middle the month. It comes like clockwork. (Hey… what else comes like clockwork!- yeah I know…)

Use your coupons. Like any other Meijer sale, you can use your coupons to make the sale price even lower.

But be careful about that free item. #1 – typically every 11th item will be the freebie, so scan strategically – Meijer does not allow the use of a coupon on the “free” item, so you want to scan an item you don’t have a coupon for. If you do get an item free that you have a coupon for, the cashiser will allow you to scan the coupon, but will not credit you for it. #2 – in some stores the items on the sale are only $0.99 every day – like Meijer white bread – and they ring up that way and the computer will default to the lowest item being your freebie no matter what order they are scanned in.

Always have a plan. As with any popular sale there’s likely to be something out of stock. You can get a rain check, but where does that leave your total number of items? You either need to be ready to leave a few things behind or have a few extra items you could grab to round out the deal. Or, you can be willing to forgo the last freebie and leave with fewer items in your last count of 11, but that’s kind of like leaving a $1 bill lying on the floor.

So are you ready to shop? Then head over to Meijer and get the deals this week.

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