High ropes course brings adventure to Grand Rapids

By: Mike DeWitt



Standing on an unstable wooden pallet suspended twenty feet in the air, I glanced at the forest floor below. Twenty feet feels a lot higher when you’re looking down at the ground than looking up from it.


Only two more pallets to traverse before making it to relative safety. After all, there is another obstacle waiting. As I took the next step, my balance faltered and my body hurled its way towards impending doom.


“Are you okay?” shouted Joanne, my partner in crime for the afternoon, from the platform behind me.


“Yeah! I was just trying to get a good shot with the GoPro,” I quickly answered back after realizing my harness held me safely up amongst the trees at the Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park.


New this year, the Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park is the only high ropes course in Grand Rapids. Located in the woods behind Celebration Cinema North at 2121 Celebration Dr NE, the Treetop Adventure Park offers obstacles like bridges, cargo nets, swinging logs, rings, skateboards and zip-lines.


“We have stuff for all ages,” said Amy Dyer, a staff member at Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park. “We have a small zipline course for the littler kids. As long you have a parent and a really gung-ho kid, no matter what the age you are, you’re going to have a good time.”


The park features six different courses that range in difficulty from easiest to most difficult, much like a ski resort does with green, blue and black runs. For the smaller kids, the Junior Park offers a chance to experience the thrill of being off the ground. For those looking for a challenge, the most difficult courses might cause some hesitation before making the climb.


The park is open seven days a week from 10am to 9pm. Throughout the rest of the summer, the park will host a Glow Night every Friday from 6 to 10pm.


If you plan to make a trip to see what adventures await in the trees, don’t take it lightly and come ready for the challenge.


“Just keep in mind that it’s a lot more physical than people think,” said Dyer. “You’re coming here to challenge yourself more than anything. So, bring water and wear comfortable clothes and shoes.”


While the goal is to challenge yourself, Dyer also reiterated the true reason for the park’s existence.


“It will be a lot of fun regardless of your skill and ability level.”


Filming for the video was done on one of the four GoPro Cameras available at WKTV for checkout. For more information, visit wktv.org or call 616-261-5700.