Help for seniors who can’t leave home

Your Community in Action!


By Community Action Partnership of Kent County


Nearly two million Americans over the age of 65 rarely or never leave their homes. In fact, there are more homebound seniors in the US than there are living in nursing homes. Many of these individuals are homebound because they have illnesses like heart and lung disease, arthritis and dementia. They may no longer have access to transportation or they may experience anxiety when leaving the house.


Whatever the reason, research has found that those unable or unwilling to leave their homes don’t always receive the care they need. They are more isolated than their counterparts in assisted living. Increased isolation increases the risk of depression, dementia and long-term illness.


The majority of homebound adults in the United States are low-income and face language barriers. This makes it more difficult to get adequate care and even proper nutrition. To help meet the needs of these individuals in our community ACSET Community Action Agency (CAA) delivers meals to homebound seniors over the age of 60 living in Kent County. Nutritious and flavorful meals are delivered to their homes each weekday, Monday through Friday.


ACSET CAA also offers door-to-door transportation for seniors who need a ride for medical appointments, grocery shopping and other services. Transportation is reserved for low-income seniors over the age of 60. Buses run 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. To find out if you or a loved one qualify for meal delivery or transportation, call ACSET CAA at (616) 336-4000. Latin American Services staff are available to assist Spanish-speaking seniors with their needs.


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