Hearthside Aims to Expand Job Market in Kentwood

hearthsdeThe nation’s largest privately-held baking company is planning on adding to the local job market thanks in part to a grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund.

Hearthside Food Solutions, LLC, est. 2009, specializing in grain-based foods and snacks, announced that due to the generous grant, the company would be able to add as well as train 66 positions to their 3225 32nd Street baking line location. The grant came in order to offset higher energy and operating costs in Michigan, compared to a site they considered in Kentucky.

Based out of Illinois, Hearthside currently employs over 1700 full-time employees in West Michigan, operating four plants, including the 32nd Street location, as well as one on Shaffer Avenue, one on 44th Street, and one on Oak Industrial Drive, off of Michigan St NE. The specific baking line location on 32nd Street was the former Meridian Auto Systems plant before said company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2005.

WKTV reached out for comments from Hearthside, but they could not be reached.