Happy 40th anniversary WKTV

colleen_piersonWKTV Volunteer 2This isn’t your ordinary anniversary!


40 years, a great staff, special programming and hundreds and hundreds of volunteers. Since 1974, It’s been all about you.


On October 16,1974 Wyoming, Michigan incorporated WKTV as one of the first community TV Stations in the State of Michigan. WKTV was one of the first community television stations to use the phrase “community television.”  When other stations are simply “public access” television, We take many steps further providing active hands on training and a proactive approach to being a media presence within the community.  WKTV believes the community can be better built through media and the more media literate a community is…the better it knows itself, where it’s going and who its neighbors are.


One superstar volunteer at the station is Phil Moore of Wyoming. He is one of our longest participating volunteers. Been here a little over 30 years. He met his wife at the station and was so enamored with her– and his work as a Floor Director here — that they held their wedding at WKTV.  Now that gives a whole new meaning to the term community access.  Phil-on-Camera

When one walks through the doors of WKTV  they experience nostalgia. It’s like stepping back in time.  General Manager Tom Norton designed the station to look like an old fashioned community village.  Master Control is designed to look like an oldies diner,  the edit stations are housed in a quaint village environment and a vibrant sense of creativity is always apparent.


The facility and equipment are important, but what really makes the station are the volunteers!   400 people and in 2012 alone, community volunteers provided over 13,000 hours of volunteer time to the station and its programming.  Now, that’s television at it’s finest.  Stop in at 5261 Clyde Park in Wyoming to check us out.

Volunteer #3

(Editor’s Note–This is the first of several stories that will commemorate WKTV’s 40th year celebration.)