GVSU Students Create Survey for Kentwood Officials

by Dottie Barnes, GVSU Communications

Kentwood officials speak to GVSU marketing students.
Kentwood officials speak to GVSU marketing students about the project.

Marketing students are working with Kentwood city officials to create and design a questionnaire that will be sent to Kentwood residents in the spring. The online survey will include questions on various topics, including city operations and planning, and use of social media.

The deputy police chief, deputy fire chief and city deputy administrator met with students January 28 to discuss the project.

“This experience provides a great opportunity for our students to apply classroom theory to a real-world situation,” said Kelly Cowart, assistant professor of marketing. “The students are excited because their work plays an important role in helping Kentwood officials continue to meet the needs of their diverse community. We are pleased to participate in such an important project.”

Cowart said students will work in teams to create a questionnaire and then present their work to city officials in April.



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  1. The corner of Mapleview S.E. and Stauffer there are two duplexs that seem to think parking on the grass is O.K. There are no curbs for some reason and the current tenants and friends are killing the grass which used to be when the street was resurfaced looked great. Now there are ruts making the area depressed. Seems like this is a violation of the law. Kentwood for me has been 30 years of great and clean housing along with the people.

  2. Hello Terrance, Thanks for your input. Would you want to write something up on this for our online Media website? It sounds like an interesting predicament and perhaps it could be a violation of the law. Maybe you could take some pictures as well. Thanks so much for your response. Best personal regards, Colleen Pierson–Citizen Journalism Editor

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