Grand Rapids Comic-Con

Katie Comic-Con GRBy: Katelyn Kohane

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it” is to see what I accomplished at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con.

As some of you know I did attend the biggest Comic-Con this year in San Diego. So follow me through the Grand Rapids Comic-Con.

I heard attendance for Grand Rapids Comic-Con, was 6,000 people. Compared to San Diego is not much, but the good thing would be that all 6,000 would fit into Hall H!

I was only able to attend Grand Rapids Comic-Con on Friday for a few hours. I wandered the floor and ran across some pretty cool cars. I saw the Speed Racer Mach 5, the Starsky and Hutch car, Mater from Cars, and Tony Stark’s car from Iron Man.

Comic-Con GR CarsThere were a few people that dressed up. They had some neat costumes. There were a lot from Batman. I saw a Harley Quinn, The Riddler, The Joker and Harvey Dent. There were also the Ghost Busters, Indiana Jones and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Comic-Con GR Comic-Con GRUnfortunately, I was not able to attend any of the panels in Grand Rapids but they did have some neat ones that I would have liked. Such as “The Life of Being a Bad Guy”, “The World of Being a Stunt Man”,  and “What is the 501st? 501st Legion of Stormtroopers.”

As I mentioned before from San Diego Comic-Con, The 501st and Rebel Legion are two groups that you can join and wear Star Wars costumes plus do volunteer work. They had a big booth at Grand Rapids Comic-Con.

As I also mentioned from San Diego Comic-Con, Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe had a Fashion Show and showed off some really cool outfits. While at Grand Rapids Comic-Con there was a girl who had on one of Ashley’s dresses that she designed. I also wore a sweatshirt that Ashley designed. It’s called the Ultimate Convention Hoodie. She thought of everything. It has pockets for posters, pockets for comics and even a pocket for a water bottle. She really does come up with amazing designs.

Comic Con GRNew York happened to have their Comic-Con a week before Grand Rapids. At the New York Comic-Con I heard that Back to the Future stars Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) met up. This is the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future. They met up to discuss some of the predictions from the movie. Unfortunately, the Chicago Cubs just lost to the New York Mets, but they did get another prediction right about Star Wars Episode 7!

The cast from the Blindspot was also at the New York Comic-Con. I’ve been watching the Blindspot and it has an interesting twist. The Player, another series that was introduced, at San Diego Comic-Con, is about betting on crime and takes place in and around Vegas. Don’t forget SuperGirl will be starting soon!

Comic-Con GRI did buy some cool shot glasses from Grand Rapids Comic-Con. One has the two symbols from Star Wars, which are the Rebel Alliance and the Empire on it and the other had the Mandilorian symbol, which is Boba Fett’s symbol.

Hopefully next years Grand Rapids Comic-Con will just continue to get bigger and better. Signing off until next time. And in honor of “Back to the Future.” “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.”

Katie works in the film industry as a camera operator and has worked on films like ‘All You Can Dream’, ‘Set Up’ and a TV show called ‘American Fallen Soldier.’ She loves helping WKTV with the Citizen Journalism team and working as a tech at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. Katie loves working in the film industry and loves watching movies just as much!



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