Frankie V’s Pizzeria and Sports Lounge–actively involved in our community!

Frankie V's 8
A proud Grandpa–Frank Vitale holds his granddaughter close to his heart.


Frankie V's 6--use this one
Owner Frank Vitale on the job at Frankie V’s!

Frank Vitale, Owner of Frankie V’s Pizzeria and Sports Lounge in Wyoming, MI., believes in giving back.


“The community supports you, I have to give back,” he explained in a recent interview with WKTV’s Citizen Journalism program.


He grew up in a family who owns numerous restaurants in our area including Uccello’s Ristorante and Vitale’s restaurants.


“I started working in restaurants when I was ten years old,” he explained enthusiastically.  ” It is my passion.”


Frank was excited about taking part in this year’s Metro Cruise event.    He enjoyed seeing his customers have such a great time and the restaurant provided D.J’s and local bands to fire up the crowds during the event.  WKTV is also appreciative to him for providing a venue to sell raffle tickets for the 1970 Olds Cutlass Indy Pace Car Replica raffle.  Tickets can still be purchase online at 70OLDSRAFFLE.ORG.


“This is such a tight knit community.  Everybody knows everybody.  It is like a big reunion coming to work everyday and being part of the Wyoming area.”


Frank has four children and three grandchildren and takes great  pride in coaching football in Wyoming.   He also looks forward to the upcoming plans surrounding 28 West.


“This gives people such HOPE–such a renewed spark to bring people to our area,” he concluded.


Photo Credit: Janice Limbaugh

Frankie V's
Everyone at Frankie V’s took part in making Metro Cruise a big success!
Frank Vitale takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to WKTV's Colleen Pierson,
Frank Vitale takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to WKTV’s Colleen Pierson,