Four local authors discuss writing and publishing at Schuler Books

Four local authors will gather at Schuler Books & Music, 2660 28th St. SE, Thursday, Sept. 8, for a panel discussion about writing and being an author.


The local author night will featured Maureen Dunphy, author of author of Great Lakes Island Escapes; L.J. Nowak, author of the historical fiction novel A Mercenary’s Pigrimage; Sandra Warren, author of We Bought a WWII Bomber: The Untold Story of A Michigan High School a B-17 Bomber & The Blue Ridge Parkway; and Samantha Wilcoxson, author of the historical fiction novels Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen and Faithful Traitor.


The free program is set to start at 7 p.m.


About the Books and Authors


greatlakesGREAT LAKES ISLAND ESCAPES: Ferries and Bridges to Adventure

Released in May, Great Lakes Island Escapes: Ferries and Bridges to Adventure explores in depth more than 30 of the Great Lakes Basin islands accessible by bridge or ferry and introduces more than 50 additional islands. Thirty-eight chapters include helpful information about getting to each featured island, what to expect when you get there, the island’s history, and what natural and historical sites and cultural attractions are available to visitors. Each chapter lists special island events, where to get more island information, and how readers can help support the island. Author Maureen Dunphy made numerous trips to a total of 135 islands that are accessible by ferry or bridge in the Great Lakes Basin. On each trip, Dunphy was accompanied by a different friend or relative who provided her another adventurer’s perspective through which to view the island experience.



mercenary'spilrimageA MERCENARY’S PILRIMAGE 

L.J. Nowak’s novel centers on Davides who isn’t supposed to be a mercenary; he’s supposed to be the future Lord of Coimbra. But, in the violent and chaotic world of eleventh-century Hispania, one’s lot in life can change very quickly. As a step towards regaining his family’s lands and title, Davides accepts the job of escorting an unwilling political asset (okay, hostage) from Salamanca to Seville. Davides expects his task will be unpleasant but relatively simple. However, when the simple task detours into the complicated and perilous, Davides is forced to choose between his allegiances and his conscience, between his family and his friendships, between winning back his noble status and losing everything forever. And, he has to somehow stay alive long enough for his decisions to matter.





The Untold Story of A Michigan High School a B-17 Bomber & The Blue Ridge Parkway 

During WWII, to help fund the war effort, junior high and senior high students at South High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan took part in the “Buy a Bomber” program raising over $375,000 selling War Bonds and Defense Loan Stamps and bought a B-17 Bomber. They christened the bomber, “The Spirit of South High,” after which it flew off never to be heard from again, until now. Read the extraordinary tale of how students were able to raise so much money and the incredible “spirit” that led alumni, seventy-two years later, to solve the mystery of what happened to the bomber? This little book exemplifies home front support given to service men and women fighting in WWII.


Sandra Warren grew up in Grand Rapids and attended South High School.


plantagent princessPLANTAGENET PRINCESS, TUDOR QUEEN: The Story of Elizabeth of York

The first novel in Samantha Wilcoxson’s planned Tudor trilogy, ‘Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen’, has been selected as an Editors’ Choice by the Historical Novel Society and long-listed for the 2016 HNS Indie Award.


She was the mother of Henry VIII and wife of Henry VII, but who was Elizabeth of York? Raised as the precious eldest child of Edward IV, Elizabeth had every reason to expect a bright future until Edward died, and her life fell apart. When Elizabeth’s uncle became Richard III, she was forced to choose sides. Should she trust her father’s brother and most loyal supporter or honor the betrothal that her mother has made for her to her family’s enemy, Henry Tudor? The choice was made for her on the field at Bosworth, and Elizabeth the Plantagenet princess became the first Tudor queen. Did Elizabeth find happiness with Henry? And did she ever discover the truth about her missing brothers, who became better known as the Princes in the Tower?


This novel has been selected by the Historical Novel Society as an Editors’ Choice and long-listed for the 2016 HNS Indie Award.