Four ways to make the best of your job search during the holidays



By West MichiganWorks!


There’s a common belief that no hiring happens in December. Many recruiters and hiring managers would disagree. In fact, some may need to fill positions by the end of the year. During this time, competition is lower. If everyone else believes no one is hiring around the holidays, they won’t be applying for the jobs you want. Take advantage of this; you will be more likely to stand out in a smaller pool of applicants.


Don’t take a break from your job hunt during the holidays. Instead, make the most of it!  Here are some ways you can use the holiday season to your advantage.

  • Network at holiday gatherings. Attend as many events as possible and mention your job search to friends and family. Be prepared with a strong elevator speech to describe your goals and what you are looking for. Ask for recommendations and introductions to people that could help in your search.
  • Ask for an Informational Interview. An informational interview is an informal conversation with someone who is working in an area or at a company you are interested in. If someone in your network is taking vacation time over the holidays, request a meeting or phone call. Ask if they would be willing to offer advice.
  • Follow up. While hiring managers are still looking to fill positions over the holidays, they may not make job offers until after the New Year. Stay in touch to let them know you are interested. Send a holiday card and stay on their radar until the position is filled.
  • Make sure you can be reached. Check your voicemail and email regularly and respond in a timely manner. Be available to take calls and schedule interviews, even if it’s the day before Christmas.

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