Fate and Free Will cross at Civic Theatre’s ‘Good People’

Courtesy of @grcivictheatre instagram
Courtesy of instagram: @grcivictheatre

susanne_albaitisThere’s the age-old debate, fate vs. free will. Margie has made choices in her life, or was it really just her fate?


Good People, running September 9 – 25 at Civic Theater, takes a look into the life of Margie, a single mother who loses her job in the first scene. Her boss Stevie is no tyrant, rather the son of a friend who is only trying to keep “corporate” happy. Margie is chronically late to work, leaving the young man no choice but to let her go. When Margie pleads with Stevie to keep her, we begin to see a glimpse of how Margie’s life has reached this point.


Margie grew up in South Boston, a working class neighborhood where getting out was more the exception than the norm. Like many of her friends, Margie remained in South Boston after she got pregnant in high school. Her baby, Joyce, was born with special needs. This made finding and keeping a job difficult for Margie because there were days where she was unable to leave on time if Joyce was upset. She often relied on friends, who proved to be inconsistent, for daycare. And college? Forget about it. Margie’s parents did not encourage her to try in high school, college was never an option.


But there was someone who made it out of South Boston, Mike. Mike became a doctor, a fertility specialist and he moved to a big house in Chestnut Hill. He married a younger woman, Kate, and together they had a daughter. Margie knew Mike in high school, they even dated for a few months before Mike left for college.


Margie and Mike’s past begins to unfold when Margie seeks out Mike for a possible job in his office. Margie takes it one step further when she shows up at his home for a party that he had explained was cancelled.  Part heart-felt reunion, part awkward culture clash, the evening revealed and kept many secrets.  It also made you wonder, was Margie’s, or anyone’s, station in life the result of their decisions, or just their fate?


This small cast delivered a huge performance. From the accents to emotions, the cast had it covered. There were a lot of laughs too. The three ladies, Margie, Jean and Dottie are South Boston’s version of Monica, Rachel and Phoebe. They bicker, go to bingo and you can tell there’s a lot of love for each other in there too. Kate’s tenderness balanced Mike’s tough, but understandable attitude toward Margie. She is the voice of reason when the evening of the party takes an uncomfortable trip down memory lane.


Good People, a thought provoking, dramedy, is a must see start to Civic Theater’s amazing 2016-2017 season. Visit the Civic Theater website for more information.



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