Family of Eight Sings as One


meghan_dooleyIn America, a cohesive and strong family unit can typically mean spending one night a week playing board games or even heading to the movies. While the Pearson family spends time participating in all of the above, they also have another unique common interest.

The Pearson Family, ranging from ages 4 to 15, are all talented singers and musically inclined artists.

Husband and Pastor Scotty Pearson said it all began when he and his wife Layfoya met in choir class at Ottawa Hills High School, and from there, it blossomed as they married and started having kids. Now, they perform throughout the West Michigan community as a family. Lafoya explains they truly began to perform together as a whole around 2009 and that music has always been a niche for the children.

“[The kids] harmonize really well together,” Layfoya explained. “We never really had to teach harmony.”Pearson Family 2

Layfoya states that singing comes naturally to the kids, so naturally even, that they don’t ever have a specific practice time.

“We like to keep it fun so they don’t get burnt out,” Lafoya said. “We’re on the road a lot so we get our practice in, in the car…it really is fun for us, we’ll be hanging out and then pull together and just start singing.”

Son DeLonte Pearson agrees and said that even his interest has gone beyond just singing.

“We all love to dance with each other, we make fun of each other a lot,” DeLonte explained, “But once we finish making fun of each other we do correct each other.”

Daughter Azaria Pearson a1888628_760544573989758_239930437578806472_nnd son Scotty agree. They said they love goofing off with the family.

“I think people are amazed to see a family that can enjoy each other,” Dad Scotty said.

Overall, Lafoya and Scotty both say they feel blessed and fortunate to be able to share a passion with all of their children. As far as their goals for the approaching future, Scotty says they’re looking to record a CD.

“I really wanna do [a CD] before everyone grows into who they are so we can hold that balance of family and just branch out from there,” Scotty said.