Everybody fist pump: Angela Peavey, Saugatuck Center for the Arts bring an Emmy win to West Michigan

Angela Peavey

By Joanne Bailey-Boorsma



There definitely are certain times when a fist pump is appropriate like when you just won your first Emmy.


“I was siting there, literally on the edge of my seat, and all I heard was ‘Saug’ and I immediately jumped up and went ‘yes!’” said Saugatuck Center for the Arts Marketing Manager Angela Peavey while demonstrating the jump with a fist pump. “It definitely was an exciting night for the Saugatuck Center for the Arts.”


It was a commercial for the SCA, designed to promote the theatrical programming the arts center does year-round, that won the top award for the “Best Commercial – Single Spot” at the 39th annual Emmy Awards, Michigan Chapter, earlier this month. The category had some stiff competition with the highest number of nominees – five total – for any specific category at this year’s Emmy Awards, Michigan Chapter, event which was at the MotorCity Sound Board Theater in Detroit.


“Of course, when it was nominated, I immediately stalked the other nominees and I was blown away by the talent and creativity. I am truly humbled to have won among such amazing entries.”


It was such award shows as the Emmys and the Oscars that inspired Peavey to pursue film. That and the support of her parents, who were the first people she called right after the win.


“Everything was such a whirlwind after the announcement,” Peavey said. “My mom had been watching it on a live feed at home along with other friends and as soon as the announcement was made, my phone started blowing up.


“That call though to my parents was a call full of joy, of parents who were incredibly proud of their daughter for all of the years of hard work.”


Peavey credits a number of stakeholders for the creation of the commercial including SCA Executive Director Kristin Armstrong, SCA Artistic Director Kurt Stamm, and Jeff Zika of Z-Drones. “I have to thank the staff and the board of directors at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts for all their support.”


Another organization Peavey thanked was WKTV, which with Peavey’s nomination and win, marks three WKTV supported projects that have been nominated for an Emmy and two wins. The entire commercial, which took three weeks from start to completion, was edited at WKTV because Peavey said she knew the facility would have everything she needed to compete the task in a timely matter.


Peavey has served as the marketing manager for SCA for three and half years. She works with about 10 interns a year, striving to giving them the “internship I wished I would have had.” With the aid of WKTV, she educates her interns on film production and the students, with the assistance of SCA staff, produce a number of videos for the center throughout the year.


As for SCA, Peavey said it is an amazing facility offering a number of programs such as education, film, exhibits and theater. “We don’t compete with any local organization, but rather compliment each other,” she said.