Enhancement and Experimentation Keeps Celebration Cinemas Ahead of the Curve

mike_dewittBigger is better. At least, that’s what the movie industry believes.

Mike and Colleen D-Box
D-Box offers a whole new experience when it comes to movie viewing

Movies keep getting grander. Summer blockbusters continually break records – Jurassic World now owns the record for largest opening weekend box office with over $208 million – and it’s a go big or go home business. Everything is digital, remastered or filmed in 3D, and CGI (Computer Generated Images) has taken over.

CGI is so heavily used that when Mad Max: Fury Road decided not to use it, and rely on real stunts, it was applauded.

While the movies continually get bigger, so do those ticket prices. A night at the movies for a family of four can cost a small fortune. It’s an investment, an event, and Celebration Cinemas is innovating and evolving to make your movie experience truly one-of-a-kind.

It starts with the seating. The place where any movie goer will be spending the majority of their time.

Celebration Cinemas has outfitted some of their screens and theaters with D-Box seats that pitch, roll, and move with the action on the screen.”If you have a good action film going, this seats going to be moving all over the place,” explained Steve VanWagoner, Celebration’s Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, “It’s a one of a kind experience.”

Oscar's Bistro brings a restaurant, along with a full bar, to the movie scene.
Oscar’s Bistro brings a restaurant, along with a full bar, to the movie scene.

D-Box seats aren’t the only unique seating choice Celebration offers. The entire front row of the IMAX theater is outfitted with recliners! That’s right, Celebration Cinemas outfitted their theaters with everyone’s favorite mode of relaxation. The recliners give a new twist to the phrase ‘home theater.’

The new seats are exciting and something new, but Celebration is cooking up a lot more than new seats. Select locations – Portage, Okemos, and now Muskegon – now have an Oscar’s Bistro. Oscar’s Bistro is a restaurant loaded with a full bar and dining options. It’s bringing a restaurant to the movies. Dinner and a movie can all be done in one place. Dates just became a lot less complicated!

On top of seating and food, Celebration is experimenting with new entertainment options. Instead of the focus being solely on Hollywood movies, Celebration offers live sporting events and concerts that play right in the theater.

The pulled pork sliders at Oscar’s Bistro are quite the hit.

Independent films are being explored with independent film series at select theaters. It’s a way to encapsulate a new audience and give viewers something different.

Celebration Cinemas is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve. A family’s entertainment dollars are tight and with Netflix, TV, and home entertainment, the theaters need to offer a little more ‘oompf’ to its’ audience.

The new innovations are exciting and impressive. Go to the movies and try out them out, you won’t be disappointed!