Eclipse Awards: A Nominee’s Words

2015 Eclipse AwardsI am a filmmaker.

I love to explore, discover, and share.

I use my camera as an extension of myself to see the world through multiple visions.

My soul springs to imprint on celluloid, digital memory cards, framed nitrate, and canvas screens.

An idea plants itself in my mind for a new project.

I capture my friends as they go to work and struggle for a living.

I strive with my actors to properly convey anguish and joy during long shoots, difficult takes, and rewritten scenes.

The dailies flicker, the lab payments rise, the deadlines accelerate, my nights grow thin into nonexistence.

A festival, a deal, an empty screening room.

Then, the premiere hits, I’m a nervous wreck.

My nails are bitten to the nubs, my hair is unkempt, but gelled in place.

The audience is silent.

. . .

The applause shocks me out of silence.

The stage is bright and bare, but loud.

The trophy in my hand anchors me.

I am a Michigan filmmaker,

and I Love My Job.