Cut Costs on Prescription Meds Through Smart Choices

Prescription Drugs Many of us struggle to pay for the prescription medication costs every month, some having to choose between purchasing food and the medication. We have had insurance for years and only needed to pay our copay, but this year we were faced with having to cover a high deductable before our insurance takes effect. We were needing to cut our costs so I made a master list of all our medications and began to do the research. By using the internet you can compare prices, saving gas and time. When doing your research keep in mind that there are several stores that offer FREE medications for certain conditions while others offer discount programs or cards. It pays to do the research. Our research paid off, since we added up the highest price for all our medications it could cost us $2,000.00 per month, compared to the lowest cost of those same medication of $250.00 per month. If your Doctor feels you must use certain name brand medications ask if they have discount cards available from the drug/company rep. A good example for us was Eliquis the Doctor felt it was necessary for this medication to be used, yet the 30 day supply was average $388.00. 90 day supply average $1084.26. Our Doctor gave us a card from the Drug Rep bringing our cost down to $10.00 for 30 day. Lipitor Generic is FREE at Meijer for a 30 day supply yet can cost 17.57 – 106.99 at other stores Metformin is FREE at Family Fare for 30 – 90 day supply yet can cost as much as $272.97 for 30 day or 980.93 for 90 day supply Lisinopril 30 day supply as low as $4.00 as high as $34.69 90 day as low as $10.00 as high as $64.59 Meijer offers a Pharmacy rewards program that works along with Mperks after filling 5 you can receive $10.00 or after 10 you can receive $20.00 off your purchases in store. Some stores offer their own discount prescription program, it’s best to compare if there is a cost if it would be worth signing up for or not. We found that there may only be a few that were cheaper for us and we had to weigh the cost of the program to the savings over the year. Some stores offer Gift Cards, Store credits or other rewards programs if you fill a new or transferred prescription to them. These are some ways to help cut cost on other purchases. The time I spent doing this research has paid off saving us several thousand dollars over time. Do keep in mind that even if you do not have a membership at Sams Club or Costco you are still able to get prescriptions filled there. Like other retailers they are lower on some medications, yet higher on others.
Compare prices and save on the prescription drugs you need