Cost-Saving Grocery Store Tips Through the Use of Apps

A few years ago I would have to get the Sunday Press in order to start the process of building my grocery list. I looked for what foods were on sale that week and what meals should be prepared based upon sale prices. While my questions haven’t changed the process did change slightly.    Deidra 3
When I got my first iPod Touch back in 2008 one of the very first apps I downloaded was Grocery IQ.  The app allowed me to build my shopping list and have several lists according to which stores I wanted to shop at. It continues to be one of my favorite apps. I can save certain items as favorites. When I search for an item it has auto-suggest. So if I’m looking for a yogurt it will suggest very cherry or vanilla. I can also search for coupons and then email them  to myself so I can print them out. If I’m sending the hubby to do the grocery shopping I can email the list to him. You can also build the list online with their website and it will auto-sync with your mobile device.
 Deidra 2
I mainly shop at Meijer. I like my one stop shopping and being a Michigan based company I have no problem rooting for the Home Team.  If you follow Meijer on Facebook you can get a preview of the upcoming ad every Friday. It helps me get a start on my meal planning and sometimes I will wait to buy something when I know it will be on sale in just a couple of days. Family Fare also does this but releases it on Saturdays. Meijer also has their own app. If you use it with your perks number– you  will have digital coupons at the touch of a finger. My house loves a good Mperks weekend when you can save 5, 10 and even 15%. It a little Dutch girl’s dream. Don’t forget to jump on to Meijer’s free WiFi when you are in the store to use either of these apps. The Mperks app was just recently updated to be added to Passbook for you Apple lovers, like me.
After I’ve made my trip through the market I may or may not have had the thought about picking up a bottle of wine to help me relax after all that stressful shopping. Vivino is an app that my BFF told me about while she was stationed overseas in Germany. Use the app to snap the picture of the wine bottles’ label and the app pulls up information and gives you a rating. The more you tell it about what type of wines you prefer the more helpful it is. I’ve also used this to snap a picture of a wine list in restaurants. The app will give the ratings of the wine on the list.          Deidra