Cool Brews Hot Eats are Back

The 3rd Annual Cool Brews Hot Eats celebration kicks off today in downtown Grand


Through Feb. 28, fifty-one locations will be offering specialties and classics alike in the celebration of Beer City, USA’s sense of crafted beverages and fulfilling food items. In addition to showcasing the local food and drink offerings, the event will serve as promotional work for more than 100 special winter beer events, including the ever-popular Michigan Brewers Guild’s 11th Annual Winter Beer Festival, which is happening Feb. 26 at Fifth-Third Ballpark.


Among the business participants are franchise locations such as Brann’s Steakhouse on Leonard and a few Bagger Dave’s operations in the area as well as smaller operations just outside of Grand Rapids such as Reds on the River in Rockford, Gravity Taphouse on the East Beltline, and the Bostwick Lake Inn on Belding Road. The event coordinators said they expect to treat thousands of foodies and brew aficionados around the region with exquisite beer-infused dishes, like Oatmeal Stout-braised pot roast, fondue infused by Brewery Vivant Farm Hand Ale, and brownies paired with Bell’s Brewery Double Cream Stout.


This event lends itself to variety, as not every beer celebration should be a stein-only affair. The locations vary from sleek and ultra-modern bar operation (Gravity Taphouse), to classic style inns (Cottage Bar), and middle of the road breweries (Founders Brewing Co.). I have personally visited only five of the participating restaurants, but I look forward to adding the other participants to my personal bucket list.

Source: Fox17
Source: Fox 17

This time around, the event offers an exclusive passport for the Brewsaders who participate, which is slightly different than the regular Beer City Brewader passport. Those who collect eight stamps during the Cool Brews. Hot Eats. will receive a Brewsader koozie and bottle opener as well as a Brewsader t-shirt.


In addition to the prize incentives, participating Brewsaders are eligible for discounted growlers and assorted promotions at more than a dozen restaurants and breweries in the event series. Also of mention are the hotel deals offered in the area coinciding with the event series, giving not just residents the chance to enjoy the festive and delicious happenings.


Citizens and beer enthusiasts from all over are invited to join the celebration, break out the old favorites as well as dare to try the newest brews and food combinations. Y’all have twelve days to experience the fun and the fulfillment of living and experiencing the tastier side of Grand Rapids food and beverages. Enjoy it while it’s here!



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