Community Still Matters at the Pumpkin Path

douglas_broekIt was a dark and scary night… oh wait, that’s not how this story goes!


The sky was a bountiful blue and the sun wasn’t shy about showing its presence as hundreds gathered in Lamar Park for the annual Pumpkin Path.


Events like this are enhanced when the weather is cooperating, but it’s the people in attendance creating the feel of community and camaraderie. The flashing of white teeth and inviting smiles at every turn draw you in and create an environment of comfort usually reserved for mom’s home cooking. The City of Wyoming is ours, we share it, and the Pumpkin Path is a way for the Wyoming family to get together.



There were 70 organizations and businesses to sponsor the fun filled night, with pumpkin carving, face painting, and tattoos for the kids to enjoy.


Parents sat back and soaked it all in, watching over their children taking in the fresh air and getting exercise without even knowing it. The kids would sleep well tonight!


Children aren’t the only ones able to let go, enjoy the moment, and enjoy being young. A father noticed Tony the Tiger and exclaimed to his son, “He’s GRRRREAT!” only to see his child start back at him with eyes of astonishment and wonder.


In a world wrapped up in electronics and the future, the Pumpkin Path is a way to go backwards. This isn’t an online community of people you’ll never meet. It’s your neighbors and friends, local store owners and new faces. It’s a community, it’s your community.


We hope to see you next year!Pumpkin Path



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