Civic Theatre’s ‘Fancy Nancy’ features Kentwood resident in lead

Kentwood resident Amelia Moody (in the middle with tiara) rehearses with Grand Rapids Civic Theatre’s cast of “Fancy Nancy the Musical.”

By Joanne Bailey-Boorsma


Being fancy isn’t about what you have or how you move, according to Kentwood resident Amelia Moody. It’s about making the community you are in, and even the world, a better place.


“And that is what is cool about Nancy,” said Moody, who should know since she plays Fancy Nancy in the musical of the same name at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre this month.


“This show is a lot of fun,” Moody said. “The imagination and the excitement is amazing and the crowd interaction is over the top.”


Based on the beloved children’s book “Fancy Nancy” by Jane O’Connor, Fancy Nancy is excited to audition for the school play, but her fancy world crumbles when she is not cast as a mermaid but rather a tree. Through the help of her friends, Fancy Nancy discovers not everything has to always include tiaras and sparkly shoes.


Amelia Moody is Fancy Nancy in Grand Rapids Civic Theatre’s production of “Fancy Nancy the Musical.”

“I was very surprised to get the role as I wasn’t expecting it since there are so many talented people in this area,” said Moody, who is a seventh grade homeschooled student. Her past credits include the Homeschool Performing Arts production of “Jane Erye” and Grand Rapids Civic Theatre’s 2015 production of “The Hundred Dresses.”


“Getting this opportunity is so amazing. It is really very exciting being Nancy because there is a lot of imagination, which is endless. ”


Familiar with the book series, Moody said she likes Nancy because she is about creativity and that fancy is state of mind to bring a level of joy and entertainment to everyone.


“And its not just for girls, but boys too,” she said, adding that the inspiration behind it is just to enjoy the moment and to have fun which is what the show does.


“It’s a lot of fun for everyone,” Moody said. “It’s not just sitting around watching a show but that imagination can grow though this experience and we can all make it a happier and fancier place.”


Rounding out the cast is Elizabeth Foster as Bree, Lucy Boswell as Wanda, Theresa Landis as Rhonda, Drew Smith as Lionel and Carolyn Peterson as Mom.


Grand Rapids Civic Theatre’s production of “Fancy Nancy the Music” starts April 21 and runs through April 30 at the theater located at 30 N. Division in downtown Grand Rapids. Performance times are 7:30 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets for the show are $10 – $16 and are going fast according to Grand Rapids Civic Theatre staff. For more information, visit