Citizen Journalist Witnesses Heartwarming Perseverance

By: Mike DeWitt

Citizen Journalist Tony Khodor arrived at Grand Rapids Union High School with the expectation of filming a rendition of the National Anthem. He ended up with a front row seat to one of the greatest displays of perseverance and family support you will ever see.

For Little C. Gunter, a student in the Grand Rapids Special Education Program, it was his time to shine and show off his jazz skills to the world. Tony was contacted to film the special moment for the family to keep. Halfway through the National Anthem, things didn’t go according to plan. All eyes we staring straight at center court and the “Jazz Kid” found himself in a very stressful and potentially embarrassing situation.

However, this would not be a night for embarrassment, this was a night of family and community support. Immediately Mom and Sister jumped up and came to the rescue. As they consoled Little C. Gunter, Mom kept saying, “You’re playing to me. I’m the only one here!” The Jazz Kid was able to build up the courage to give it a try one more time. Watch the video to see what happens!

Tony was able to capture that moment using equipment from WKTV and brought the story back to the station. Citizen Journalists are an integral part to WKTV serving Wyoming and Kentwood. You have special stories and we would like to share them!

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