Changes at Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Exterior airportGet ready to pack your bags. It is finally time to plan that dream vacation you have always wanted. Gerald R. Ford International Airport knows just the place you want to go and how to get there.


“West Michigan likes to go on the direct flight to Orlando, Florida,” said Tara Hernandez, marketing and communications manager for the airport. “Other popular direct flights are to Washington, Dallas, and Las Vegas.”


But the Gerald R. Ford Airport has more to offer than direct flights to entertaining cities. The airport is working on ways to make the travelers more comfortable. For example in both concourse A and concourse B there are charging stations in between the seats. This way travelers can charge their phones, tablets, and computers.


If for a reason a flight is delayed there is a food court available, where the airport just added a Bells Brewery restaurant. It has Bells beer on tap, and Bells food, just like the Kalamazoo pub. But for all the craft beer drinkers this is only the beginning.


“In concourse B we are going to be opening what we call a Great Lakes Tap Room. It will be catering West Michigan beers, Founders IPA, Bells, and New Holland,” said Hernandez. “It is actually a really cool design, there are terrazzo Italian floors, and natural back lighting.”


It is not just the adults who get to have fun, while waiting for their flight. The kids have their own station to0. Say goodbye, to the hard wooden animal shaped puzzles, and connect four. At Gerald R. Ford Airport, there is a kid’s port right in the Grand Hall area, this room contains Legos, a white board, magnets, and toys.


The Gerald R Ford international airport is the second biggest airport in Michigan, next to Detroit. There are 120 daily non-stop air flights. In the past year, over 2.134 million passengers came through the airport.


“We just have a bunch of really exciting stuff going on! We are growing every year and that is a good thing,” replied Hernandez enthusiastically.


If you want to learn more about discounted tickets, airport construction, best times to travel, delays, and traffic, check out the Gerald R. Ford International Airport’s facebook, and twitter page.