Celebration + Founders Announce Newest Brewed for Film Series Lineup

brett_wiesenaurCelebration Cinemas and Founders Brewing Company are teaming up for yet another incarnation of their popular Brewed for Film series.


Starting February 10th, Founders Brewing will install itself inside 5 Celebration Cinemas across West Michigan and present a specifically chosen film to share on the big screen with thirsty film-goers, along with serving some fine beverages that match the tone of the shows.


Mixed among the films picked are a Scorsese gangster epic, a classic Indiana Jones adventure, 3 Coen Brothers comedy-dramas, including their award-winning FARGO and Oscar-nominated True Grit remake, a stop-motion animated Wes Anderson family flick, and some Monty Python shenanigans to wrap up this particular series.

FBccAs per usual during the series, entry is only $2 per person, 21 years of age and above. In addition, the series is selling a pass for entry to all films as well as a complimentary beer for each show for $25, while supplies last.


Having attended last years showing of The Shawshank Redemption with a friend, I can truly attest to the friendly atmosphere and unique experience offered at the events the two collaborators offer here. The value of entertainment for the price offered is exponentially more than a typical movie outing. Plus, who wouldn’t want the option of refreshing Founders classics at hand for viewing and consuming pleasure?


For all the information, including show dates and featured beer choices, please visit the Celebration information page.