Cat of the week: Clawed LeMew

Meet Clawed LeMew!

By Sharon Wylie

Crash’s Landing

Each week WKTV features an adoptable cat from Crash’s Landing or Big Sid’s Sanctuary. Both cat rescue organizations were founded by Jennifer Petrovich, DVM (Dr. Jen), who is on staff at Clyde Park Veterinary Clinic (4245 Clyde Park Ave SW).

At the tail end of January 2015, Wyoming resident April D. came across this very hot mess of a cat on a bitterly cold winter day; abscessed and oozing, this intact male needed help ASAP. So she contacted us and we got him out to the clinic the very next day, which turned out to be not a minute too soon, as there was way more going on than what met the eye. Not only was this 5-year-old tom cat (born in early 2012) suffering from multiple infected bite wounds on his very swollen and lame left rear leg, but both of his ears were terribly infected , one of his nails had been completely torn off resulting in a nasty infection AND he was anemic from a blood parasite carried by fleas.

Although he looked really rough on the outside, it was the lack of red blood cells that was the bigger threat; he ended up requiring two different types of antibiotics, narcotics and steroids to treat all that ailed him. However, in spite of it all, within three weeks after his arrival, our fabulously fine fella with the frayed ear tips recovered completely. In fact, to look at him now, you would never guess the laundry list of issues he had upon arrival into our program.

It took a bit for Clawed LeMew to fully acclimate to his surroundings, something that we totally understand given his tumultuous history and the fact he came in looking like a furry little punching bag. He is still a bit head shy (who can blame him?) but each and every day he is with us he becomes less leery of the other cats around him. However, Dr. Jen admits being told that he is one to speak his mind and spew kitty profanity if someone gets a wee bit too close for comfort.

Clawed adores human attention and is very willing to engage in sessions of belly rubs and heavy petting (sounds naughty right?) but he isn’t too fond of being picked up. He gets a little spooked if you move too fast around him, so we try to remember to go slow and shower him with his favorite tasty treats, Temptations. He may have been a bit of a bad boy while out on his own, but now that he is part of this new team, Clawed gets to stop being defensive and show his softer side.

It has been remarkable for us to literally watch his transformation occur right before our eyes — not only has he developed into a mature, well-adjusted fella, but he has shown us, and more importantly himself, that he is capable of being gentle and loving. He thoroughly enjoys soaking up the reassurances and tender touches of the volunteers that are spoiling him on a daily basis.

Since life on the streets proved to be aggressive and chaotic for Clawed, we will strive to find him a home that is calm and quiet, one where he can settle in, hunker down and reap the rewards of being a handsome, pampered house cat.

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Crash’s Landing and Big Sid’s Sanctuary have a common mission: To take at-risk stray cats off the streets of the Greater Grand Rapids area, provide them with veterinary care and house them in free-roaming, no-kill facilities until dedicated, loving, permanent homes can be found.