Cat of the week: Chrysanthemum

By Sharon Wylie
Crash’s Landing

Each week WKTV features an adoptable cat from Crash’s Landing or Big Sid’s Sanctuary. Both cat rescue organizations were founded by Jennifer Petrovich, DVM (Dr. Jen), who is on staff at Clyde Park Veterinary Clinic (4245 Clyde Park Ave SW).

Volunteer Patti F. and her family are very well versed in this whole stray cat thing, as living out in the country has brought them many a cat over the years; this summer however they found themselves coming across several ill or injured kitties that needed medical attention.

Such was the case with Chrysanthemum, a young mother (born in the spring of 2015) who ended up on their property sickly, swollen and very skittish. Seems that another Saranac stray had taken an extreme dislike to Chryssy, biting her on the right side of her face and causing a major abscess that not only affected her jaw but the inside of her mouth and underneath her tongue as well.

Given her frantic nature when in the presence of strangers at first, we suspect the ONLY way her rescuer was able to catch her and bring her in to safety was simply because she was so ill she didn’t have the energy to put up a fight. But after her spay and wound treatment, coupled with heavy-duty antibiotics and narcotics, Chryssy was rip-roaring mad at Dr. Jen and not afraid to show it (yes, that is the thanks Dr. Jen gets).

Chryssy roomed with another terribly shy guy while she recovered at the clinic in the hopes that his tender timidness would rub off on her, but unfortunately within a day of arrival at Crash’s she turned her fear of the unknown into aggression. It was so rough going at first that she became extremely violent when anyone so much as attempted to approach her.

Over the next few weeks though, as she grew more comfortable in her surroundings and realized that we are not the bad guys, her attitude changed and she was able to finally move past her disdain and hatred of humans. Even though she is far from fond of any of us two-legged creatures, she is smitten with other kittens and is ALWAYS found snuggled up close to one cat or another (or two or three!).

We believe that it is through our kindness towards her kitty companions that Chryssy is learning what it feels like to be loved unconditionally, and we know that patience and kindness will win her over. We are taking baby steps and asking her to toddle on after us towards a more peaceful coexistence; we are confident that her roommates will show her the way—and we are happy with whatever pace she sets for herself. Interested adopters must have a quiet home with no other pets or children.

We have no expectations of her other than to let her guard down and allow us to show her what compassion and tenderness is all about; if it takes weeks, months or even years, that is fine by us—we aren’t going anywhere and she can stay here as long as she pleases!


  • House trained
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Current on vaccinations
  • Prefers a home without dogs and Young Children
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Crash’s Landing and Big Sid’s Sanctuary have a common mission: To take at-risk stray cats off the streets of the Greater Grand Rapids area, provide them with veterinary care and house them in free-roaming, no-kill facilities until dedicated, loving, permanent homes can be found.