Cat of the week: Brimley

Look at this guy… just LOOK at him!

By Sharon Wylie, Crash’s Landing

Each week WKTV features an adoptable cat from Crash’s Landing or Big Sid’s Sanctuary. Both cat rescue organizations were founded by Jennifer Petrovich, DVM (Dr. Jen), who is on staff at Clyde Park Veterinary Clinic (4245 Clyde Park Ave SW).

Dr. Jen had purposely saved this name for when a cat arrived that came in as a diabetic (c’mon, everyone has seen those commercials, haven’t they?). So she was excited when she finally got the chance to use it when this fine, FIV fella came to the sanctuary through Carol’s Ferals on September 4th, 2012. Well, she wasn’t excited he had diabetes, but you have to admit that it is pretty clever naming.

In any case, this poor pussycat found himself in very dire straits when first taken in to CF, and since he had way more medically wrong with him than they felt they could handle (he hadn’t been diagnosed at that point), Dr. Jen offered to take him in and figure out what was going on.

Born in March of 2010, Brimley sure had seen some rough patches while out of the streets of Grand Rapids. This nub-tailed ragamuffin was a filthy, albeit friendly, fella who was starving for food, affection and blood glucose regulation. In fact, his sugar levels were so out of whack that it took a few weeks on a pretty high insulin dosage to knock his sugar levels down to a dull roar.

Brimley is the sweetest kitty

And then, a pleasant surprise: Brimley went into remission! Diabetics can be fickle, so he may very well require insulin in the future, so we are keeping tabs on his status and fattening him up, which he is more than thrilled about (he was less thrilled with his twice daily shots, but he tolerated them alright as he got treats in return).

Being FIV-positive (read about FIV here) will be less of a drawback than being diabetic; cats with dual issues like this are harder to adopt out, as it takes a special person to commit to a lifetime of meds and follow-ups. But, all of us here at Big Sids feel Brimley is more than worth it, and we know once you meet this cutie pie you will see why we feel he deserves every chance at a life in a home of his own!

More about Brimley:

  • FIV-positive
  • House trained
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Current on vaccinations

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Crash’s Landing and Big Sid’s Sanctuary have a common mission: To take at-risk stray cats off the streets of the Greater Grand Rapids area, provide them with veterinary care and house them in free-roaming, no-kill facilities until dedicated, loving, permanent homes can be found.