Book Review: Night Film

night-filmNight Film
by Marisha Pessl
If you are looking for a thrilling page-turner similar to Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl,” “Night Film” by Marisha Pessl is for you! Follow along on Scott McGrath’s daring and creepy adventure to discover how Ashley Cordova died in an abandoned warehouse. Was it suicide? Or could growing up with Ashley’s father, Stanislas Cordova, somehow led Ashley down the wrong path?
Cordova is a reclusive cult-horror-film director, and he has not been seen for more than thirty years. Find out what happens when McGrath and two helpful sidekicks unearth clues involving the mysterious family.
“Night Film” will leave you saying, “Just one more chapter…”.
“Night Film also contains captivating photographs and gripping news articles to add to the suspense, and technology fans will love the interactive app that contains hidden bonus material. Check out the back of the book for details.