Become A Citizen Journalist–You’ll Be Glad You Did

Recent pic of Marge's Donut Den with CJ Team
Mike DeWitt and Colleen Pierson got a chance to tell the story of Marge Wilson’s–from Marge’s Donut Shop– life. Becoming a Citizen Journalist offers opportunities to share stories.

colleen_piersonHey Community Writers—Gain readership now by becoming a WKTV Citizen Journalist. The entire experience is educational, entertaining, informative, simple and most importantly, fun.

Write stories that interest you about your community online for Wyoming Now/Kentwood Now.

This fresh, hyper-local information and news source serves our community as an innovative Citizen Journalism project supported by WKTV Community Media.

Tell the stories of what’s happening in your neighborhoods for the sake of building a stronger community, encouraging local talent and participating in our democracy!

This is an invitation to Wordsmiths of all abilities to post writings on our website–

Tell stories. Be helpful. Offer solutions. Show kindness. Report news. Share favorites.

Get Published Online.

Your words and pictures have a place to be seen, read and shared.

It is simple and our team will help with editing and enhancing your writing skills.

Contact: Mike DeWitt at 616-261-5700 to sign up.