April Showers Bring Wet Basements!

raindropsApril showers bring May flowers. It also brings wet basements. With winter turning into spring the snow melts and the rainy season begins. If you are one of the unfortunate and have a wet basement, you may want to look to your roof. Yes, your roof. One of the problems with wet basements is that the water coming off your roof is not draining away from your house. It seeps into the soil and then into your basement. Proper drainage is important to maintaining a dry basement. Does your house have gutters? It should if you living in a rainy climate. Just having gutters is not enough, you have to maintain them.


They need to be clear of debris, yes that mean getting out the ladder. You didn’t think owning a home was a maintance free deal did you? Your down spouts and splash blocks need to be positioned so that the water drains away from the house.


Let’s say you have gutters and they are clean and working properly and you still have a wet basement. If you have cracks in your foundation, this could be the source of your problem.


I had several cracks and found a company that would come out and inject a special type of urethane into the cracks. When the urethane is exposed to moisture it hardens and seals the cracks, stopping the leaks. They even gave me a ten year guarantee.


Footing drains are another way to drain water away, but digging trenches around your house and installing drain tiles is very expensive.


If you not sure what is causing your wet basement, call a wet basement dewatering contractor. A free estimate is also a free professional opinion of what is causing your problem, along with a solution. If your basement is wet don’t wait until you have a mold problem to fix it.