Announcing the 2014 Eclipse Award Nominees!

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Congratulations to All!


After receiving a record number of entries, the nominees for The 2014 Eclipse Awards have been selected by judges in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and London, based on a process of scores.


The Eclipse Awards showcase the best in West Michigan’s film, video, and television community. Sponsored by WKTV with the West Michigan Film Video Alliance, an Eclipse is awarded to locally produced media for outstanding work in the crafts and several primary categories. The mission of the Eclipse event is to inspire and enhance the West Michigan “voice” in mediums of television, film, sound, and web, and to be recognized for excellence among international, national, and regional judges.


All nominated works listed below are eligible for the Eclipse People’s Choice Award. These will be available on the Facebook site for viewing and voting by the General Public. The Eclipse People’s Choice Award is new this year and will have one winner.


The following nominees in each category will be selected by the judges for the final award. The results of the tabulation from all judges are kept secret until the night of the awards ceremony on Thursday, May 1, 2014. The “Excellence in Craft” Awards Ceremony will be televised live by WKTV from City Flats Ballroom on Monroe Center in Grand Rapids.

Film and Digital


“Black Paper” –  Joshua Courtade, Producer

“Dogman 2: The Wrath of the Litter” –  Rich Brauer, Producer

“Lone Rivers” –  Jordan Foster, Producer


“Cactus” –  Alyson Cailaud-Jones, Producer

“County Sheriff: Domestic Dispute” – Ryan Webber, Producer

“Dave and the Technicolor Toolbelt” – Clayton Saren, Producer

“Melonhead” – Andy Fortenbacher, Producer

“Moths” – Andy Fortenbacher, Producer

“The Forever People” – David Phifer, Producer

 Cinema Trailer

“Finding Home” – Ryan Webber, Producer


“Missio Dei” – Corwin Tobias, Producer

Television (Broadcast & Cable)

 Local TV and Cable 60 Minute Slot

“Lare Williams and New Direction: Detour Ahead” – Patty Williams, Producer

Local TV and Cable 30 Minute Slot

“Feel Like You Belong: Brayan Pena Show” – Alan Headbloom & Kim Roberts, Producers

“The Redeeming Duck” –  Angela Peavey Producer

 Local/Regional Segments and Promotional Pieces

“Local Treasures United Bank” – Ben Wilke, Producer

“Makeover” – Glen Goen, Producer

“MeasureUp” – Glen Goen, Producer

“Mortgage” – Glen Goen, Producer

“Movieland” – Jeffrey Goodrich, Producer


 Online Programs Segments or Promotional Pieces

“2013 KCAD Digital Media Reel Titles” – Matt Taylor, Producer

“616 Lofts” – Matt Taylor, Producer

“Griffins Promo” – Chris Penney, Producer

“HUGS Ranch” – Mike Kren, Producer

“Soft Spring Carpets” – Ben Wilke, Producer

Branded Content

“Nutrilite Nutrikids” – Mike Kren, Producer



“Dogman 2: The Wrath of the Litter” –  Rich Brauer

“Lone Rivers” –  Jordan Foster

“Melonhead” – Andy Fortenbacher

“Moths” –  Andy Fortenbacher

“Movieland” – Jeffrey Goodrich

Writing in Produced Content

“Dogman 2: Revenge of the Litter” – Rich Brauer

“Movieland” –  Jeffrey Goodrich

“Soft Spring Carpets” – Ben Wilke

Cinematography and Videography

“Cactus,” – Alyson Caillaud-Jones

“Dogman 2: The Wrath of the Litter” –  Rich Brauer

“HUGS Ranch” –  Mike Kren

“Nutrilite Nutrikids” – Mike Kren


“616 Lofts” – Matt Taylor

“Finding Home” – Ryan Webber

“Griffins Promo” – Chris Penney

“HUGS Ranch” – Mike Kren

“Missio Dei” – Corwin Tobias

Visual Effects (Both CGI and Makeup)

“2013 KCAD Digital Media Reel Titles” – Matt Taylor

“The Forever People” – David Phifer

 Original Scoring

“Cactus” – Alyson Caillaud-Jones

“Lare Williams and New Direction: Detour Ahead” – Patty Williams


“Black Paper” – Joshua Cortade

“County Sheriff: Domestic Dispute” – Ryan Webber

“Free Pie” – Ralph Lister