Angela Peavey shares her family secret in a heartrending film about Cerebral Palsy

Praised as “an excellent documentary… about basic human value” by The New York Times, Angela Peavey’s heartrending documentary, Our Beautiful Secret, follows the remarkable story of her brother Jonathan who has Cerebral Palsy and how he overcomes his medical and social issues through road racing, family, and his faith in God. You can view the docudrama on WKTV Saturday, Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. More information can be found at or on the films Facebook page.

Our Beautiful Secret has received international exposure with red carpet premieres in India, Canada, Taiwan, Europe, South Africa, and the United States. The film also beat box office numbers in its one-week run at Celebration Cinema theaters in West Michigan. Beating out major Hollywood movies such as Despicable Me 2, World War Z, and Grown Ups 2 (note: local numbers, not national). Our Beautiful Secret was also featured on Real Sports with Byrant Gumble on HBO and seen nationally on PBS. In the last year the film has gone viral in Japan and South Africa. “We’ve gone so viral we’re now providing resources to organizations in Japan and South Africa on topics that are in the film,” Peavey said. “It’s humbling to know how this film has been seen all over the globe, but what really pleases me is the lives that this film has changed through telling Jonathan’s story.”


“People have told me to separate myself from being Jonathan’s sister while directing and producing this film. I don’t agree. Who else could be the best advocate for people living with disabilities than someone who lived right along side a family member struggling with it?” Peavey said. “I was there when my family got turned away from restaurants because of Jonathan’s disability. I was there when Jonathan was mocked and bullied. I was there when doctors told my family Jonathan’s value of life isn’t worth the procedures we wanted for him. I understand and that voice will not be silenced.”


The film stars cast members Scott Goudie (Transformers 2,3, & 4, Real Steel, Machine Gun Preacher, Detroit 1-8-7), Carrie Foster (A Dog for Christmas), Sophie Bolen (A Christmas Bunny, Mary’s Buttons, A Dog for Christmas, Rodeo Girl), Paul Tierney (Thirty Minutes or Less, A Dog for Christmas), Elonzo Peavey (Ralph & Me, The Redeeming Duck), and Elizabeth Foster (A Dog for Christmas, Mary and the Fox). “This is a story that the Peavey family has lived through,” said actor Scott Goudie. “The story is real, the characters are real, the emotion is real, and those tears on your Kleenex – they’re real.”


Our Beautiful Secret was filmed and produced in its entirety throughout West Michigan with production assistance from WKTV.