An interview with Wyoming’s Chief of Police James Carmody and Capt. Kimberly Koster

WKTV’s Citizen Journalism team recently had the opportunity to interview Wyoming’s Chief of Police James E. Carmody and Capt. Kimberly Koster about what’s new with the Wyoming Public Safety department.  This interview took place before the  recently reported double murder/suicide.   100_1299


They have revamped and improved their medical and firefighting team.   With the addition of three additional firefighters, and the  rescheduling of their hours–the response time has been cut drastically.


“We are now able to have more firefighters during the day,”  Carmody explained.


They have also done extensive fire training with paid, on call firefighters and public works employees to provide better service to the community.


Chief Carmody was appreciative of being able to purchase a quick response vehicle through the generosity of the City Council.  “This is the first mini pumper–utility truck,” he explained.  It is a safe, innovative vehicle which allows them to fight fires more effectively and quickly.  Firetruck Wyoming

On the police side, Vice Crimes are being solved through high tech methods.  Crime, Sex trafficking cases, illegal gambling, drug enforcement, and animal fighting are just a few examples of cases continually being monitored extensively with technology.


Koster and Carmody explained how they use analytics to constantly focus on high traffic areas.   photo 2 of police chief


“The correlation is high– traffic areas and high crime go together,” he explained.


Both Koster and Carmody are proud of the employees at the Dept. of Public Safety and the results they are gaining for the community.  In lieu of the recent tornado, they have been on the streets working diligently to help Wyoming residents in any way possible.