Alpha Wolf 11 Ceremony honors exemplary Wyoming High School students

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By Victoria Mullen



At the end of each semester, Wyoming High School honors six exemplary students with the Alpha Wolf 11 Champion of Character Award. Two sophomores, two juniors and two seniors are chosen by staff and peers. The ceremony takes place in front of the entire student body, special guests from the Wyoming community, Wyoming Public Safety officers, school administration and the Wyoming Board of Education members.


Such was the case on Thursday, Jan. 26. The gymnasium’s stands were filled with students at rapt attention. Wyoming police and fire departments came to show their support and to be honored. Parents and school administrators cheered on and the high school band punctuated the ceremony.


The Alpha Wolf is a rare and special breed — a power unto him or herself. They’re at their strongest when they empower their peers. Proactive in helping others and ever striving to set a high standard for those around them, they lead by example, going the extra mile to help a schoolmate feel welcome, spreading good cheer to all and displaying good character. One need not be an “A” student to attain this goal.


On a scale of 1 to 10, the Alpha Wolf is an 11 in everything they do. Kind, compassionate, gracious, these are 2017’s champions of character and new pillars of our community:

  • Avalon Dexter
  • Issac Sutton
  • Noelle Keen
  • Sinai Salvador
  • Ansleigh Hamilton
  • Pedro Perez Lopez