Adventures at San Diego Comic-Con: Wonder Woman has an anniversary

My new badge on the Left and my old badge on the right. A much improvement from the year before.
My new badge on the Left and my old badge on the right. A much improvement from the year before.

By: Katelyn Kohane


It’s that time of year again! Time for San Diego Comic-Con, a five-day journey that I – Katelyn – was lucky enough to attend for the second straight year. Stay tuned and follow my adventures as a member of the press through the madness that is San Diego Comic-Con.


Last year I was able to attend the San Diego Comic-Con for the first time as a member of the press. This year, my badge was mailed out early so I could attend Preview Night on Wednesday. Getting the badge early was a nice addition and made checking in faster and hassle free, all I had to pick up was my bag and books. I heard the bags had at least 20 different designs and I went in search of a Supergirl bag but ended up finding one with a design of the Big Bang Theory.


Once I checked in and had my bag, I headed up to Ballroom 20. Jeff Tobler from Warner Brothers Television came and introduced what we would be watching for the night. First up was Riverdale, which is a murder mystery TV show based on Archie. It will air on the CW network later this year.


San Diego Comic-Con 2016The Second preview shown was called Powerless, a show from DC Comics featuring Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa Hudgens will play Emily who works in the insurance field runs into her fair share of superheros along the way. This will air on NBC network later this year.


After the Powerless preview, I left Ballroom 20 and went down to the main floor and wound up buying 2 graphic novels.


Then I headed out to a Press Event that I was invited to for the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman. The event was staged to introduce the new invisible jet and I made sure to get there a little early to have a good view of the big reveal.


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A few fun facts about Wonder Woman since it’s her 75th Anniversary: she first appeared in comic world in October 1941 in All-Star Comics #8; many fans know her by her metal bracelets and magic lasso.


With the year-long celebration fans can look forward to finding new comics and graphic novels.


Wonder Woman has been voiced by Rosario Dawson, Lucy Lawless (who I will touch on in a later article), Maggie Q, Susan Eisenberg and many more. Live action we have Lynda Carter and now Gal Gadot (one of my favorite actresses from the Fast and Furious series). Gal Gadot appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and her up coming film Wonder Woman which starts June 2nd 2017. She will also appear in the coming Justice League movies.


Preview night is still as exciting as the first time going, only bigger and better. “Your mission should you choose to accept it…” is to stay tuned for my next article. And as a spoiler I will mention the Her Universe Fashion Show.


“I am Master Skywalker’s Padawan. The name’s Ahsoka Tano.”


Katie works in the film industry as a camera operator and has worked on films like ‘All You Can Dream’, ‘Set Up’ and a TV show called ‘American Fallen Soldier.’ She loves helping WKTV as a Citizen Reporter and working as a tech at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. Katie loves working in the film industry and loves watching movies just as much!