Adventures at San Diego Comic-Con International: The Arrival

Comic ConLet me take you on an adventure right into the middle of the most famous Comic-Con around.

The Adventure, my adventure, began as I was traveling out to San Diego. The plane flew out on a Tuesday, the day before Comic-Con, and I had a layover in Texas. As I was sitting there waiting for my flight, I overheard a man behind me talking about Captain America for a good 10 minutes on the phone.

When he was finished, I couldn’t contain the excitement and introduced myself to him. We wound up talking for a good hour. As it turns out, the man was a vendor headed to the same location I was… Comic-Con!

I bought this purse from Bioworld. The symbol on the purse is of the Empire from Star Wars and has stormtroopers.
I bought this purse from Bioworld. The symbol on the purse is of the Empire from Star Wars and has stormtroopers.

We exchanged cards as we got on the plane. I made it a destination to visit their booth, called Bioworld, on Friday of the convention. Star Wars memorabilia made up their entire inventory! They had adjoining booths with all things Star Wars, one example, was Her Universe.

Comic-Con started on Wednesday, which included picking up your badges and attending a preview night. The entire event takes place over 4 days at the San Diego Convention Center. In order to get a badge, you have to buy one online at the San Diego Comic-Con website.

As Press, I was able to get a 4-day Press badge. I went at 4pm and got in line to pick up my badge in Hall D, but, as it turns out, I needed to be in line at Hall B! I chalked that little mishap up to excitement and nerves!

Comic Con press badge
My registration and press badge for Comic-Con

Lines. Long lines everywhere. With the San Diego Comic-Con being so popular, long lines are to be expected and anticipated. It’s not as bad as one would think though. With the convention being held annually since 1970, the committee has had many years to work out the kinks. The event is very well organized and lines generally move quickly.

My first line of the event went relatively quickly, only taking about a half hour!

As soon as I received my badge I decided to find the hall for preview night. The preview night specials had a presentation for 5 brand new shows airing this fall on TV.

The first preview shown was called Supergirl. A brief synopsis – it’s about Superman’s cousin who comes to Earth to protect him. The show start October 26!

Supergirl coming in October
Supergirl coming in October

Next was a preview called Blind Spot. It’s about a woman who lost her memory but has interesting and unique tattoos all over her body. The tattoos are used to help the police track down the events that drive the blot. Blind Spot airs on September 21.

Preview number three was for a show called Lucifer. It’s about the devil going on vacation from hell. That airs sometime in 2016. Some of the shows they talked about did not have an actual start date; they were just starting sometime in 2016.

The fourth preview was Legends of Tomorrow. That is about a young Justice League joining forces together. The final preview was for a cartoon called Teen Titans. That is just an updated version of the older cartoon.

San Diego Comic-Con is a huge event visited by people from all over. This year’s estimated attendance was 130,000! Just an insane amount of people, and it was insane being there, I loved every minute.

I still cannot believe that Comic-Con is done already. Even though the event last five days, it doesn’t seem like enough time. It’s fanboy central. There is so much to do and see everywhere. On top of all of it, there is the famous Hall H. If you know anything about Comic-Con, it’s that Hall H is Mecca. It’s the biggest venue, but it only holds 65,000 people. Getting into Hall H is an accomplishment in itself for Comic-Con.

This is the beautiful San Diego skyline with the convention center right in front, the big white building where Comic-Con is held every year.
Beautiful San Diego skyline with the convention center right in front.  Comic-Con is held there every year.

For the next few weeks I will be going into details about what happens inside Hall H, on the floor with the vendors, a fashion show, a couple interviews, and of course, some of the major movies coming up this fall and throughout 2016.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it…” is to stay tuned and see what I was able to experience on Thursday inside Hall H. As a quick hint, The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 is ramping things up. “May the odds, be ever in your favor.”



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