Adventures at San Diego Comic-Con: Her Universe Fashion Show 2016

Ashley Eckstein in her Lego dress!
Ashley Eckstein in her Lego dress!

For the second straight year, Katelyn visited Comic-Con in San Diego. In her first piece, Wonder Woman had an anniversary.


Written and Photographed by: Katelyn Kohane


“No Master Yoda was very specific. I’m assigned to Anakain Skywalker, and he is to supervise my Jedi Training.” – Ahsoka Tano


For those that do not know that quote, it is from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show. The quote is spoken by Ahsoka Tano who is voiced by Ashley Eckstein. Since her time with The Clone Wars, Ashley has created and produced her own clothing line called Her Universe.


The fashion line was founded in 2010 by Ashley and her partner The Araca Group. Each of the past three years, Her Universe has put on an annual fashion show at Comic-Con. For the second straight year, I was fortunate enough to attend the fashion show while in San Diego.


Ashley with Nathan and Andrew
Ashley with Nathan and Andrew

The theme for this years show was powerful women. 27 designers worked with Her Universe and chose their own theme for their outfit and premiered it at the show.


During the fashion show, Ashley wore a dress made out of legos with the image of Ahsoka Tano on her dress. The dress weighed 25-pounds and was designed and created by Nathan Sawaya and Andrew MacLaine.


The outfits created this year were all amazing! Some could even glow in the dark!


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Three winners were chosen in the following categories: Judges Winner, Audience Winner, and Comic-Con HQ Winner. Congratulations to the winners! Pictures are below:


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Day two of Comic-Con was jam packed full of fun and excitement as always! The fashion show was bigger and better. “Your mission should you choose to accept it…” is to stay tuned for my next article. Spoiler Alert: it will include The Big Bang Theory.


“We’re about the buy tickets for Comic-Con.”


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