Adoptable Pets of the Week: Buddy & Sheik

Sheik (left) and Buddy must be adopted together as a bonded pair

Each week WKTV features adoptable pets from area shelters. This week, we focus on a couple of cuties from West Michigan Ferret Connection.


By West Michigan Ferret Connection


Is there a ferret in your future? Since December 22, 1994, ferrets have been legal to own in Michigan. They make very fun pets, but they’re a lot more work than one might think.


First, ferrets can live up to 10 years old. That means you’ll need to make a commitment. Then there is the little matter of a very busy and curious little creature who requires mental stimulation and plenty of exercise in ferret-proofed surroundings. Ferrets also need annual vaccinations against distemper and require a rabies shot as well. They are also accident prone, will often eat things they shouldn’t and will need ideally half-yearly health checks with their vet. This can all add up and you may incur similar costs to having an outdoor cat.


There are several ferret breeders out there, but the sad fact is, for every ethical breeder there are many backyard breeders who don’t have the animals’ welfare at heart.


“In my opinion, ferrets are best obtained by rescue, not from a pet store where ferrets are ‘sold’ specifically for profit,” said Dee Gage, founder of West Michigan Ferret Connection. Featured for adoption this week are Buddy, a one-year-old male chocolate ferret and Sheik, a two-year-old black sable.


Dee Gage with her “ferret bouquet”

“I do not ‘sell’ ferrets. I ‘re-home’ them,” said Gage. “They’ve already been ‘dumped’ once and I want to make sure they are not dumped again. The ferrets under my care deserve to have a safe and secure ‘forever’ home and I do everything I can to guarantee that.”


There are no “breeds” of ferrets. There ARE, however, 38 different colors and patterns.


Established in October 2001, West Michigan Ferret Connection re-homes an average of 50 ferrets per year. Visit their Facebook page here.


Is a ferret the right pet for you?

“Ferrets aren’t for everybody and I can’t stress strongly enough that you should do your research,” said Gage.


A group of ferrets is called a “business”

Buddy and Sheik must be adopted as a bonded pair. If you’re interested in adopting these cuties, Call WMFC at 616.447.2978 or email


The West Michigan Ferret Connection is a home-based ferret rescue providing rescue services, boarding, adoption & education.