Adoptable Pet of the Week: Gerdy

Each week WKTV features adoptable pets from area shelters. This week, we focus on Gerdy, a bunny available for adoption at West Michigan Critter Haven.



By West Michigan Critter Haven

When you think of a rabbit, typically a small, cuddly animal comes to mind. In reality, not all rabbits are small! In fact, giant breeds of rabbits like the Flemish Giant and Checkered giant can weigh in at more than 15lbs! At West Michigan Critter Haven, we have a soft spot for larger breeds of rabbits.

One of our current larger rabbits up for adoption is Gerdy. She’s a spayed Checkered Giant mix weighing in at 14lbs. This big, beautiful rabbit is such a pleasure to be around. She has a larger-than-life personality and is very social and silly. She’s the type of rabbit who thoroughly enjoys being part of the family. When she’s not relaxing in front of the TV, she can be found begging for treats. She does well with well-mannered, cats, dogs, and even enjoys gentle, respectful children.

Gerdy came to us after she was found hiding in a log in the woods. Our best guess is she either escaped or was abandoned. Many people abandon domestic rabbits outdoors thinking they can survive, when in reality, it’s a death sentence. She was covered in fleas but still as friendly as ever.

For being a rabbit found outside, Gerdy has taken to her new life indoors exceptionally well. She has excellent litter box habits and keeps a relatively tidy space. Gerdy adores the attention of her foster family and will even jump up on the couch to beg for food and head scratches — just like a dog! She loves her fresh veggies and fruit. However, like most rabbits, she doesn’t enjoy being held and prefers to spend time sitting next to you, not in your lap.

If you’re thinking about adding a rabbit to your family, Gerdy would be a fantastic addition. Rabbits are extremely intelligent and trainable. They require attention, love and a life indoors with lots of space to run and play.

West Michigan Critter Haven is a chapter of the House Rabbit Society. To learn more about caring for rabbits, please visit

More About Gerdy:

  • Litter trained
  • Spayed
  • Gets along well with respectful children
  • Does well with other gentle animals

Want to adopt Gerdy? Her adoption fee is $75. You can learn more about Gerdy and other West Michigan Critter Haven adoptables at All adopters must be at least 18 years old.