ACSET: Providing access to healthy food


Your Community in Action!


By Community Action Partnership of Kent County


A trip to the grocery store is a regular part of many families’ weekly routine. Most people are lucky enough to hop in their car and run to the nearest store where they have access to an abundance of nutritious foods and fresh produce. But what happens if you don’t have reliable transportation? Is there a grocery store close enough that you can walk? Can you easily get to a store using public transportation? Once you get there, how do you carry your groceries back home?


Many households in our country face too many challenges to access healthy food for their families. According to the USDA, there 2.3 million Americans living in low-income areas that are 10 miles or more from a grocery store or supermarket. These areas are defined as food deserts because residents have limited access to affordable, healthy food.


Living in a food desert is a serious health concern. It has been found to lead to greater risk for heart disease in adults. Children are at risk too. Studies have found 53% more cases of asthma in kids who live more than a mile from a grocery store.


If you or someone you know is living in a food desert, there are local organizations working to address nutrition needs. ACSET CAA has many community partners that distribute healthy food throughout the county through their nutrition services. This includes locations within known food deserts. To learn more about qualifications, distribution dates and locations, visit CAA’s website:


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