A Daughter’s Night to Shine: Wyoming and Kentwood Daddy-Daughter Dance in pictures

The Wyoming and Kentwood Parks and Recreation Department each hosted a Daddy-Daughter Dance this past Saturday, February 20. Below are some pictures from the magical evenings.


The Wyoming Daddy-Daughter Dance was a smashing hit with 171 participants and 12 volunteers making sure the event ran smoothly. While dancing was the staple of the event, crafts and games were also held in adjoining rooms.

  • 171 people enjoyed a night with their daughters at the Wyoming Daddy-Daughter Dance
  • The dancing and fun was enjoyed by all
  • When the lights go down the dancing can begin!
  • 12 volunteers not only helped with the dance, but they also helped run crafts and games in other rooms.
  • Enjoying a dance together in complementary pink outfits
  • A pretty princess and her father


Those at the Kentwood Daddy Daughter-Dance had the opportunity to experience A Night In Hollywood by walking the red carpet and having their picture taken. 20 couples – 46 participants in all – got to bask in the movie star experience.

  • The red carpet was out for Hollywood's biggest stars
  • Selfies are always encouraged!
  • "My, what beautiful blond hair you have"
  • The stars shown brightest on the dance floor
  • Even celebrities need to eat

The dances were a hit and a job well done by the Parks and Recreation Departments.